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Often a forgotten item, you would be surprised how clean windows can give your house a real lift.

Windows are subject to a real beating from the outside. Rain, bugs, mud, grass clippings, the family dog and your kids all add up to the need for window cleaning. And if you are in a new estate, with building going on around you, you will no doubt see your fare share of dust.

The inside windows have their own problems. Hand prints, cobwebs, more dust, stickers, the family pet and maybe worst of all, mould. Moisture in the air attaches to your windows. Over time, this ongoing moisture results in mould growth. Have a good look at your windows, you would be surprised how mouldy they can get, especially behind closed curtains.

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So when should I consider having my windows cleaned?

We recommend twice a year, but it really depends on your surroundings. Any sign of mould on the inside windows requires immediate action though.
When you are selling your house. Any real estate agent interested in getting the best offer on your
house will recommend window cleaning, inside and out, as a vital part of good house presentation.
At the end of your lease. If you are renting a home the lease requires that your windows and the home need a full clean, including tracks, frames and window sills.

What our window cleaning can do for you:

Full Window Clean. This includes the inside and outside glass, tracks, window frames and window sills. It is important to do this at the end of your lease, or where mould is present.
Glass only. For those on a budget, you will notice a huge difference just having the glass cleaned inside and outside.
Glass Louvers. These are often difficult to give a quick wipe over. If not properly cleaned dirt and more can build up quickly.
Venetian Blinds catch everything, from dust to food. And any blind near a regularly opened window can also be subject to moisture as well, which leads to mould.
We also clean your Fly Screens on request.

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