A Message from the National Franchisor – Mike Stringer

In light of the ever-evolving media coverage regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we thought it a good idea to point out what measures we are undertaking to ensure, as best we can, the health and well-being of you and your family.

Our training has always emphasised the strict adherence to the hygiene and cleaning processes we have developed over nearly 20 years in business and our United Home Services Franchisees, as small business owners, are very aware of the importance of providing you with the highest standard of service possible.

These occasions require an even  sharper focus on those standards and in particular the issue of cross contamination.  We have therefore re-issued our guidance to all our team on the importance of avoiding cross contamination that covers the following 4 key points;

  1. The single home use of Microfibre cloths.

Microfiber is a material that is made of synthetic fibres that attract dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens like a magnet. Microfiber tools are made to attract and capture up to 99% of dirt, bacteria and other pathogens, while cotton fibre tools are made to attract 33%- basically moving bacteria from surface to surface. Therefore, the use of microfiber cloths, mops, and other microfiber tools allow for the removal of bacteria, dirt and allergens, because microfiber is designed to attract and hold these elements.

If you prefer we can use your cloths.

  1. Colour Coding of Cloths

Colour coding is a great way to ensure that everyone on our team knows which ones to use for the toilets and which to use for the counter top.

  1. Maintaining separation between cleaning materials .

Along with tips 2 and 3, keeping the tools, chemicals and equipment is equally as important as the cleaning system in place to prevent cross contamination. Ensuring items are cleaned correctly when moving from house to house and prevent used cloths and coming into contact with equipment. Also, certain chemicals are used for specific applications and therefore should not be mixed or confused with an application that the chemical is not designed for.

  1. Use of the right product for the job.

Technology has advanced the impact of today’s new cleaning products, providing greater cleaning results and greater health results for those who clean and those who occupy facilities.

  • Microfiber which is designed to capture 99% of bacteria and pathogens.
  • Use of HEPA filter vacuums which capture 99.97% of particles due to multiple levels of filtration.
  • Stop the use of hazardous chemicals where necessary, and where possible use green third party certified products that are betterfor our health and the environment.
  • Minimize the use of mop buckets that hold dirty water which increases the risk of cross contamination and waste water, energy and time.

Many of our clients are asking us to do some extra items around the house such as cleaning all the main touch points – light switches etc.  If we can do anything to assist your peace of mind please let us know.

We know you appreciate the importance of a clean home in normal times, when we largely take our health for granted, so we will continue to do everything we can to keep your home a safe place for you and your family to come home to.

Once again, thank you for your trust and we all look forward to things getting back to normal soon.

Kind Regards

Michael Stringer

National Franchisor